Monday, November 5, 2012

OFM Seeker-450 Quad -- 2nd FPV Aerial

OFM Seeker-450 Quad – 2nd FPV Aerial
This is the second FPV aerial footage taken using OFM Seeker-450 quadcopter. These Aerial videos of OFM Seeker-450 will be posted for the purpose of showing my work in progress in order to get a jello free, vibration free, smooth aerial footage. Yes we can still use video editing stabilization when editing videos but my over all aim is to provide a machine which will give pilots an Aerial video that does not require much editing at video software side. This is the 2nd footage with better video as I mounted the cam on frame directly to see if it’s the gimbal causing the Shakes and Jello effect. I am sure the 3rd Video will be the one I aim for, a Jello free, vibration free, smooth aerial Video. Enjoy this video and stay tuned for more progress on this bird. Comments and feedback welcome at , and Don't forget to visit , and Subscribe to and
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